Presentation Folders

Our Presentation Folders come in many different styles to meet your unique requirements. If you do not see a pocket folder style that meets your needs, call us at 800 842-7751 and one of our pocket folder specialists will assist you in making your decision. If you are undecided on color or which paper to order, we are happy to send you samples with a complete foil color chart.

Letter Sized Presentation FoldersLetter Size Folders
9 x 12, perfect for 8 Ĺ x 11 presentation materials. Choose from foil stamped, foil embossed or blank.
Legal Sized Folders
Perfect for presentation materials. Choose from foil stamped, foil embossed or blank.
Small Pocket Folders
Choose 4 x 9 or 6 x 9. Foil stamped, foil stamped, full color or blank.
Report Covers
Foil Stamped or embossed with 2 x 4 inch window
Tax Return Presentation FoldersTax Return Folders
Project a professional image to your clients this tax season with custom foil embossed Tax Return Folders
Printed Presentation Folders Printed Folders
Full color custom printed folders with your art work or choose from our stock art. Choose from 4 popular sizes.
Blank Presentation Folders Blank Unprinted Folders
These unprinted folders are high quality commercial grade folders. Not the office supply grade. Choose from 4 popular sizes and 7 different premium card stocks.

Donít see what you're looking for? Call us at (800) 842-7751

Why do I need a Quality Presentation Folder?

Your standing there, it's that awkward moment when you ask for the sale, the commitment...

You have spent time on the phone, money on your website, mailer, emails, phone book ads, lead generation service, trade show booth, travel, etc. . . . the list goes on. Total the cost of getting that one on one meeting with a quality prospect and it could easily add up to $25, $50, $100 or more.

Here is an actual account of a new client describing his recent meeting with a high value prospect.

". . . the meeting went extremely well, I had an opportunity to actually demonstrate the value of my company by solving two IT problems while on site, they seemed very comfortable with my proposal and satisfied with our credentials, they would review and compare my materials with a local competitor that they were considering and call me back . . . now several days later I can't get a call back . . ." Read more testimonials here

This client subscribes to a lead generation service serving him with about 14 quality face to face appointments per month at about $100 each. Before coming to us he was using a generic presentation folder from Office Depot. He lacked confidence in the professionalism of his presentation folder and while exploring options he called us. We showed him that the cost difference between his generic folder with printed label and a professional custom folder was only pennies.

Trying to save a few cents on your presentation folder (the only remaining tangible part of your visit) is a false savings. No matter how you generate leads, quality leads are expensive. Don't close the pitch by leaving your prospect with anything less than the best you can produce.