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What is a Pocket Folder?

A pocket folder is an organizational tool aimed at keeping documents and information in one secure place. Also called presentation folders, pocket folders are utilized by a variety of industries including the legal, health care, real estate, financial and education fields. Pocket folders are used as a way to present information professionally to clients, patients, business partners and others. Keep proposals, presentation documents, and paper kits in a polished and easily accessible manner. Available in a multitude of colors, pocket styles and folder designs.

What is the size of a standard folder?

The size of a standard pocket folder is 9 x 12 inches when folded and 12 x 18 inches when it is opened flat. The size of a presentation folder in these measurements holds standard sheets of printed paper (8.5 x 11 inches). Standard size pocket folders are also called letter-sized folders.

What is the size of a legal folder?

A legal-sized pocket folder measures 9 x 14 inches and itís designed to hold documents sized 8 Ĺ x 14 inches.